Why Stunt Classes Make Great Team Building Activities

Team building activities


How teamwork makes the dream work

BMW CarsIf you are looking for team building ideas where team building skills can be improved, then one of the best team building activities for work is a stunt driving experience. The day is chock-full of fun team building activities where drivers quickly find themselves needing new skills. Communication, trust, collaboration, and problem solving are all required as well as many other team building skills.  Here’s an outline of how the stunt drive challenge promotes teamwork to ultimately strength the company culture and literally ‘make the dream work.’

Stunt challenges

The Stunt Challenge requires each team member to support and encourage their teammates in new skills that no one has tried before. Stunt driving needs a different approach to driving that puts everyone on the same level. Nearly all participants have never tried stunt driving before, so it means they are working together without the hierarchy of some with experience and some without. With a level playing field, the dynamics of the group changes and encouragement and support become key elements of the team outing.

Team building activities and communication

With each stunt, the instructor gives each participant a clear explanation of what is required to complete the maneuver. With stunts such as the reverse 180, the driver must forget their standard street driving skills and adopt a completely new approach to driving. Clear communication between instructor and driver is very important. The car itself also communicates through handling and performance. The driver finds a new set of communication skills and learns the importance of carefully following instructions and then giving the appropriate feedback to improve the stunt.

Team building and trust

TrustIn stunt driving, the car is aggressively thrown around the pavement and put to the edges of its handling capability. The driver must learn to trust the instructions and feedback of the instructor. The instructor and those riding along in the back seat must trust the driver to do their best. They must also trust their own instincts, experience and abilities. Stunt driving is an excellent team building activity to promote trust and team bonding. Participants get to know each other better outside of the workplace and find new ways to work together better.

Group dynamics

In a typical stunt driving day, all participants find themselves in new territory. Most if not all, have never been stunt driving. Everything is new and the rules of the workplace are put on hold. A new situation is formed where team members discover who is the better stunt driver and who needs more practice. Team building interaction undergoes a transformation. For example, to the surprise of many, women are often better stunt drivers than men. The group dynamic changes and the challenge for some is to accept that they may have a new leader and they must adapt to different relationships within the group. Collaboration becomes key. Stunt driving teaches the group to be flexible, to accept new roles and the abilities of others regardless of their position in the workplace.

Team building and motivation

Motivation and determination are perhaps the strongest aspect of a team building activity. Participants have seen countless movies with car stunts and there is a new found curiosity to see if they can also perform those stunts. With their co workers watching them, they are determined to do their best and show everyone they can do it. The motivation to learn all the stunts and then combine them in and ‘end of day’ competition is extremely high. To reawaken motivation and determination in employees, stunt driving is definitely one of the best team building activities you can do. It’s a great way to promote moxie and drive the positive energy forward.

Problem solving activities

LessonsThe perfect car stunt takes practice and persistence. Problem solving is key to improving each maneuver. Perhaps more throttle is required and less braking. Maybe the driver needs to be more precise in their turns. Or they need to better understand the car’s handling dynamics and its overall weight. Drivers work with their instructor and other team members to resolve the problem and each time, perform a better stunt. Team building training promotes the development of an important skill: Problem solving.

Exercises in fun

Most importantly, stunt driving days are a lot of fun. Each team outing is typically full of laughs and camaraderie as participants put themselves in an exciting and adventurous environment with team building games such as the final competition. Team bonding is a key part of the event and often differences are resolved and previous friction between workers dissolves in the fun of the event. Conflict disappears. Workplace culture and corporate culture are stronger and workers feel they are part of corporate culture that values their contribution and rewards them with a great experience. Stunt driving as a team outing improves the team spirit and promotes a stronger engagement with the company.

Team building training is important in business and we have specially tailored programs to promote these abilities for your group. Our team building strategies have been successful and competitively priced. So if you are a corporate event planner looking for a corporate team building outing then please contact us and find out how our team building day can help your business.

What You Should Know About Moxie

Max Out Your Moxie

Moxie is not easy to define. The name first originated in the late 18th Century as a soft drink but today the recipe is a little different. If we were to try and max out your moxie in the lab, this is how we might put it all together:

A hit of grit

Determination makes up a big part of moxie. It is that inner resolve where you say to yourself “I’m going to give this all I have to make it happen.” You knuckle down, tighten your belt and go forward, even though your knees may be knocking together. We call it true grit.

A pinch of pep

We all need energy to get through the day. There’s also different kinds of energy for different situations. Sometimes we need the slow long burn energy of the marathon and sometimes we need a quick pick-me-up to handle a surprise. Moxie is more about the pep that gives you sudden acceleration and livens up the moment.

A shot of savvy

DeterminationDetermination and energy is not enough. A winning combination is one with some cunning street smarts. You need to know when to apply the right knowledge and experience to the task. Playing that trick up your sleeve with cleverness will have them shouting “They have moxie!”

A nip of nerve

It’s in moments of danger that we need nerve. We look down the track and know that an error may result in pain or humiliation. Nerve gives us the boldness to go ahead even though we know we might not succeed. We throw caution to the wind and like Nike’s famous slogan, We just do it. Nerve is moxie. Moxie is nerve.

A dollop of dash

But moxie is more than all of these elements. We say “moxie” when a person does a difficult task with style. The flair and ingenuity they bring with them has heads nodding in admiration. Dash is the magic ingredient that turns mettle into moxie. It’s the ability to carry out a task with grace, grit and above all, a big grin.

How you find it

DashMany people find their moxie when playing extreme sports, but you can find it in any tough situation. Whether it is in the office, at home or at school, moxie is needed everywhere. It’s a state of mind. Many people take our stunt driving lessons to put themselves in a place where they know they will need some moxie. Learning a new stunt puts you in the ‘moxie state of mind.’ It’s a way to practice putting the recipe together, so that later on when you need moxie, you know how to summon it up. Performing stunts allows you to practice your driving skills while learning how to find your moxie at the same time.

Why you need it

Moxie helps you win, particularly in team building activities. While others may have the same skills as you, moxie can make the difference. It’s the mental edge that gets you through with style and speed. Moxie finds a way to make it work and is a valuable character trait. And that’s why one of our themes for 2019 is

Max out your moxie!