Why Stunt Driving is the Experience Gift

Experience Gift

With stunt driving days increasing in attendance every year, the Stunt Driving Experience has become a common present. Why do people give a lifestyle experience gift like stunt driving? Perhaps it is because it is so unique.  It is something different.  We’ve all sat glued to the screen at the movies and watched unbelievable car stunts that had us wondering “How do they do it?”  There’s a mystery and glamour to the stunt industry. That mystery and glamour is passed on when it’s given as a gift. We’ve also see a big rise in presents that are experienced based rather than giving another physical object that often lies in the cupboard and then thrown out.  People are looking for experience gifts that create memories and that can be easily shared on social media. An experience shared, doubles the fun.

Here’s the different ways that people are gifting stunt driving lessons.

Christmas Experience Gift

Here’s the answer to the eternal question “What do I buy them for Christmas?” Undoubtedly the Stunt Driving Experience is our most popular Xmas experience gift. After pulling out the standard items from their stocking, recipients of a Stunt Driving day get a unique gift that makes their Christmas day really special. And the giver usually gets envious glances from everyone else who is thinking “That’s a really cool gift!” With the season beginning in March, the recipient also has plenty of time to plan the day of their experience. It is without question our #1 holiday season experience gift.

Bachelor Party and Bachelorette Party Gifts

Stunt Driving Bachelor Parties are growing more popular. One of the reasons is that a group of friends can get together in an alcohol free environment and participate in something memorable and meaningful. The stag party builds camaraderie while still giving each individual their own experience as well as the group experience.Stunt Drive Experience Gift

Bachelorette parties are also quite common. On average, women are better stunt drivers than men (Maybe they don’t have as much to prove?) and women are always at each event, showing the men how it is done! The stunt lesson of four hours is also a good time length as it gives everyone a nice balance between time in the car and hanging out with friends.

Related to the stag event or hen party is the “best man gift” or “maid of honour/bridesmaid experience gift. When you want to say “thanks for standing beside me” an adventure experience gift says it all. Couples can celebrate the biggest adventure of all with another one!

16th birthday, 18th birthday, 21st birthday, 40th birthday and 50th birthday gifts

Parents looking for ideas for a 16th birthday often give their teenagers an experience gift. The Sixteenth birthday is common because they are getting their driver’s license around the same time. Stunt driving gives them an extra level of car control skills and helps build confidence. Stunt driving also gives new drivers’ an idea of where the limits of car handling lie and can be valuable knowledge for their future on the road.

Eighteenth birthday and twenty first birthday celebrations come next. These birthday celebrations provide a great memorable activity where parents and friends of all ages can participate with the birthday person. Many like the fact that an alcohol free event during the day can actually be more fun.

Groups have funEach month we also put on fortieth birthday and fiftieth birthday celebrations. It’s a chance for many to put aside all the worries and frustrations of driving and do some things they’ve never done before behind the wheel of a car.  The daredevil component of stunt driving is sometimes unleashed at these times!  Perhaps regaining a sense of adventure after a mid life crisis or just being care-free for a day, the extreme experience gift is a refreshing day well spent for many.

Wedding Anniversary Experience Gifts

Partners often buy their significant other a stunt drive gift as an anniversary present. Sometimes it is just for the other person and sometimes they both go on the event to share in the fun. Although the marriage anniversary is popular, there’s also the ‘going out for 3 months’ or ‘going out for 1 year’ experience gift for couples. Other anniversaries include job anniversary of employment anniversary or even an addiction free anniversary. Warning: you may develop an adrenaline addiction when stunt driving hahaha.

Father’s Day and Mother’s Day Gift

Many parents are looking for opportunities to spend quality time with their ‘grown up’ kids. And every year they get stuck asking “What is the experience gift for him or the experience gift for her?”  Everyone is also looking for experience gift ideas for Dad or Mom at this time.  Stunt driving gives them an experience that they will be talking about for years to come. It will be the story that comes out every thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s a terrific family event that creates many long term memories. In a related area is the Father Son and Mother Daughter gifts which are also very popular for similar reasons.

Thanksgiving Gift

Thanksgiving Experience GiftWhat better way to say ‘Thank you’ during the thanksgiving season, than to give someone a truly unique and exciting gift? It’s for this reason, we see many people coming out during our October events. Someone has said ‘thank you’ by giving them an amazing gift.  Thanksgiving is also the time of year when people realize the summer has past and there’s not much time left that they can spend outdoors.  Many people are looking for that one last extreme sports event they can squeeze in before the cold weather hits.  Thanksgiving becomes the perfect time of year to let loose and feel good about being bad with a motor vehicle.

When You Need to Make an Apology Gift

When You Need to Make an ApologyHave you ever been stuck in a situation where you’re screwed up and need to REALLY apologize? Sometimes you really have to pull one out of the bag to get back in the good graces. A stunt driving experience just might do the trick! When you’re looking for experience gift ideas for him that says “I’m sorry” in a new and interesting way, then think about buying them stunt car lessons.  Everybody gets to let off some steam and with a few laughs and jokes, magically, things can get back on track 🙂

Friends Coming to Town Gift

What to do when friends are coming to town?  Hosts are looking for something new and unique they can do with their “out of town” friends. An experience gift creates a special time that they won’t forget for a long time.  A stunt driving day will have them telling stories about their trip to Toronto for years to come.

Just Because Experience Gift

And finally, there’s always the “just because” gift. Give them a stunt drive experience they will never forget, just because you think they will like it. Nothing says “I love you” like giving someone a gift for no reason at all. Just because. xo.


What You Should Know About Moxie

Max Out Your Moxie

Moxie is not easy to define. The name first originated in the late 18th Century as a soft drink but today the recipe is a little different. If we were to try and max out your moxie in the lab, this is how we might put it all together:

A hit of grit

Determination makes up a big part of moxie. It is that inner resolve where you say to yourself “I’m going to give this all I have to make it happen.” You knuckle down, tighten your belt and go forward, even though your knees may be knocking together. We call it true grit.

A pinch of pep

We all need energy to get through the day. There’s also different kinds of energy for different situations. Sometimes we need the slow long burn energy of the marathon and sometimes we need a quick pick-me-up to handle a surprise. Moxie is more about the pep that gives you sudden acceleration and livens up the moment.

A shot of savvy

DeterminationDetermination and energy is not enough. A winning combination is one with some cunning street smarts. You need to know when to apply the right knowledge and experience to the task. Playing that trick up your sleeve with cleverness will have them shouting “They have moxie!”

A nip of nerve

It’s in moments of danger that we need nerve. We look down the track and know that an error may result in pain or humiliation. Nerve gives us the boldness to go ahead even though we know we might not succeed. We throw caution to the wind and like Nike’s famous slogan, We just do it. Nerve is moxie. Moxie is nerve.

A dollop of dash

But moxie is more than all of these elements. We say “moxie” when a person does a difficult task with style. The flair and ingenuity they bring with them has heads nodding in admiration. Dash is the magic ingredient that turns mettle into moxie. It’s the ability to carry out a task with grace, grit and above all, a big grin.

How you find it

DashMany people find their moxie when playing extreme sports, but you can find it in any tough situation. Whether it is in the office, at home or at school, moxie is needed everywhere. It’s a state of mind. Many people take our stunt driving lessons to put themselves in a place where they know they will need some moxie. Learning a new stunt puts you in the ‘moxie state of mind.’ It’s a way to practice putting the recipe together, so that later on when you need moxie, you know how to summon it up. Performing stunts allows you to practice your driving skills while learning how to find your moxie at the same time.

Why you need it

Moxie helps you win, particularly in team building activities. While others may have the same skills as you, moxie can make the difference. It’s the mental edge that gets you through with style and speed. Moxie finds a way to make it work and is a valuable character trait. And that’s why one of our themes for 2019 is

Max out your moxie!