Stunt Driving Experience

The Wings and Slicks Stunt Driving Experience!

Want the best adrenaline dump ever? Want to experience the excitement of performing crazy fun stunts?

Then come on out and learn to do J-Turns, Backwards 180s (known as the Rockford turn), and slalom driving. Our team of trained instructors (who love their job!) will be beside you to demonstrate and then to coach you through each exercise, all in a safe (legal!) environment.

Have a blast, and come away a better driver by the end of the program.

What about a little competition? Our program wraps up with a fun competition where you can show your stuff and test out all you have learned, all while laughing uncontrollably when you realize what you have just accomplished.

Wings and Slicks has been providing the thrill of stunt driving for over three years now. When you get inside our BMWs they become a fast turning, quick stopping spinning machine, and you are at the wheel!

Check out our different experience packages:

Stunt Driving 101: 

– 4 hours of stunt driving mayhem
– learn to do J-Turns, Backwards 180s  and slalom driving
– includes competition runs that tests your skills
– Cost: $699 (+ taxes and $19 insurance)


Instruction and Orientation
Slalom Course Runs with Threshold Braking
Handbrake Turns (JTurn)
Backwards 180 degree Spins (The Rockford Turn)
Competition Round (You must execute all the above maneuvers)
Wrap up and review and Awards

Spin Class:

– 2 hours of stunt drive spinning
– learn to do J-Turns and Backwards 180s
– Cost: $399 (+ taxes and $19 insurance)


Handbrake Turns (JTurn)
Backwards 180 degree Spins (The Rockford Turn)


– just hang on and let others do the driving
– ridealong with our instructors and students and they take the cars through the stunts as part of the 4 h Stunt Driving 101 program
– Cost: $99 (+ taxes)

The Cars:

– BMW 328 IS Coups with automatic transmissions.

The Facility

– Large open paved surface with covered pit area
– Slippery surface is created to aid skidding and spinning – Obstacles using cones and flags

What to Wear

Light comfortable clothing. Prepare for rain or shine. This is an outdoor event.