Stunt Driving 101

Want the best adrenaline dump ever? Want to experience the excitement of making a car do some crazy fun stunts?

Our Stunt Driving 101 program teaches you how to do J-Turns, Reverse 180s and Slalom Driving. Trained instructors will demonstrate the manoeuvres, and then move to the passenger seat and coach you through each exercise, in a safe (and legal!) environment.

You will come away a better driver and will have a blast at the same time!

What Happens at Each Event:

It starts off with a review the basic principles and stunts of Stunt Driving 101: J-Turns, Reverse 180s and the Slalom, along with a few practice runs to get you warmed up. Next you will learn and practice three new stunts:

      • Slalom driving. You have several runs driving through a course, working on accuracy and speed.
      • J-Turn. The fast tight turn is demonstrated first by the instructor and then it’s your turn to take several runs mastering this manoeuvre.
      • Reverse 180. As with the J-Turn, this stunt is demonstrated with you in the passenger seat, then its over to you for several runs.
      • Best of all sessions is our competition runs to see if you have mastered all 3 manoevers. You get 2 runs at timed and judged competition course.

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FAQ Stunt Driving 101

Our cars are BMW 328 IS Coupes with a modified hydraulic handbreak. They are all automatic transmissions.

The event is 4 hours (based on 12 participants)

Yes! Spectators are always welcome and if you would like to bring a friend to ridealong in the car with you, in the back seat. Here is information about our Just Hang On – Ridealong Experience (add link here)

No, we are in a closed course environment so it does not fall under the rules of the road. Teenagers under the age of 18 can drive as well; we just need a parental waiver signed.

All we need is an insurance waiver signed and this happens at registration.