J-Turn Parallel Parking

Want to try to beat the World Record for J-Turn Parallel Parking? Just purchase enough Spin & Drift sessions to get your practice in. 

Our J-Turn Parallel Parking Program teaches you how to do J-Turns in a precise and crazy fun manner. Get that last parking spot at the mall by sliding into the spot with the coolest handbrake maneuver ever!

What Happens at Each Event:

It starts off with chalk talk and detailed theory on the technique used to do J-Turns in a precise manner. Then you jump in the passenger seat and let our instructors show you how its done. Now it’s your turn to get behind the wheel and take 5 runs at breaking the world record. We will measure and record each of your attempts.

The schedule is being firmed up right now and we are looking at having this event on the same day as our other events, but at a different time. Please check back soon or get in touch here: info@wingsandslicks.com.


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FAQ J-Turn Parallel Parking Competition

Our cars are BMW 328 IS Coupes with a modified hydraulic handbreak. They are all automatic transmissions.

The event is 1 hour long.

You get 5 tries to parallel park the car as accurately as possible.

No, we are in a closed course environment so it does not fall under the rules of the road. Teenagers under the age of 18 can drive as well; we just need a parental waiver signed.

All we need is an insurance waiver signed and this happens at registration.