Happy Holidays from Wings & Slicks

Here we are, the Wings & Slicks Family! Hans, and the instructors, Zak, Jaime and Sean, with their families and the two web folk, who are always ‘virtually there’

Make 2017 the year of the Thrill – see you for a spin soon!

It’s time to go Stunt Driving in Texas!

Wings & Slicks has arrived in Texas. It’s time to go stunt driving! We have a 20% off Special on right now so Buy a Drive and try out our new location. Ontario, hang on….our special is for you too! New dates coming soon for Spring Spinning in Ontario.hans-with-trailerimg_5309

Wings & Slicks Heads South

Every year around about this time, Hans Wolter loads up the Wings & Slicks trailer, hitches it to the Wings & Slicks motor home and heads south. The Stunt Driving season has come to close in Ontario but it’s just getting going in Dallas, Texas and that’s where Hans and his buddy Jay are headed. Here they are in the midst of a 50 car pile up, on I90. Their stunt driving skills were put into practice as they manoeuvred through ice, snow, stranded cars, trucks in ditches and general mayhem everywhere. They made it through no problems and continued their trek to better weather. 

A Smashing Success!

Thanksgiving Experience Gift

We have just wrapped up our 2016 stunt driving season and it was another great year. Over 350 people took to the wheel to spin, drift and experience a total adrenaline dump!  Relocating to our permanent Ontario home at Country Heritage Park was a highlight of the year along with the new Drifting events. This year we had 24 scheduled events in Ontario and Dallas, and also hosted a number of corporate events.

Also super cool this year –  Wings & Slicks In the News

  • We were featured on Discovery Channel’s Adrenaline Junkies
  • Expedia listed Wings & Slicks as an Adventure to Experience
  • Toronto Life ran a Feature Article on why Wings & Slicks is a perfect bachelor party event
  • Toronto Star came out for a Spin and wrote a great story for the Auto section

We are working on new schedules and more fun things to do behind the wheel for 2017, so stay tuned!