Going Racing

Preparations have begun for the upcoming ChumpCar Canada and ChampCar Endurance Racing Series. Wings and Slicks will have a 2 car team entry with rental seats available for experienced and rookie drivers. Interested drivers should contact hans@wingsandslicks.com.

Project car is a 1999 328i with many mods to come and our entry level car is a 2001 Nissan Sentra.

Chief Spin Doctor making the inside pass

Donor Engine

The lighter the better

Motor prep

New 2018 Stunt Driving Schedule is LIVE!

We are ready to take you stunt driving! Our 2018 schedule is now live so you can buy and book your event anytime. Come out on Thursdays for our Spin and Drift sessions or on Saturdays for Stunt Driving 101 and 201, our 4 hour take-you-through-the-paces full on stunt driving experience. Also on Saturdays we offer a shorter 2 hour Spin Class event to introduce you to some fun spins, you can’t do at home! Want to talk to us first? Call us at (416) 858-1337 or  (888) 267-9123. 


End of Season Wrap Up – Thank you!

The Wings & Slicks season has wrapped with another successful year of Spins and Thrills. Between April and November over 300 people came out to experience something they have never done before, learn new skills, celebrate an important occasion, and just have a good time doing fun stuff in cars. 

This year was extra special because we had more corporate and team events then we have ever had before. We tailored individual group events for over 150 people. The experiences we are offer are a perfect opportunity to share with others, whether it be with friends and family or corporate colleagues. 

We are already planning next year so keep any eye out for our Spring Schedule and a Special Offer coming soon! Call us for more information on our group packages, and to book your event for 2018 -1 888 267 9123. 

A BIG thank you to everyone that came out this year, and we look forward to having you back for more good times in 2018!

Corporate Day Out

We kicked off our season with a unique corporate event. We tailored a special program to accommodate 25 drivers. Of course everyone had a blast, how could you not, spending an afternoon learning to do adrenaline pumping spins and turns, having a BBQ and putting it all together in a specially designed competition. Here’s a couple of pics from the day.