Corporate Day Out

We kicked off our season with a unique corporate event. We tailored a special program to accommodate 25 drivers. Of course everyone had a blast, how could you not, spending an afternoon learning to do adrenaline pumping spins and turns, having a BBQ and putting it all together in a specially designed competition. Here’s a couple of pics from the day. 

Wings & Slicks Heads South

Every year around about this time, Hans Wolter loads up the Wings & Slicks trailer, hitches it to the Wings & Slicks motor home and heads south. The Stunt Driving season has come to close in Ontario but it’s just getting going in Dallas, Texas and that’s where Hans and his buddy Jay are headed. Here they are in the midst of a 50 car pile up, on I90. Their stunt driving skills were put into practice as they manoeuvred through ice, snow, stranded cars, trucks in ditches and general mayhem everywhere. They made it through no problems and continued their trek to better weather.